BOUT++ Project

Plasma simulation in curvilinear coordinate systems

  • BOUT++ is a framework for writing fluid and plasma simulations in curvilinear geometry. It is intended to be quite modular, with a variety of numerical methods and time-integration solvers available. BOUT++ is primarily designed and tested with reduced plasma fluid models in mind, but it can evolve any number of equations, with equations appearing in a readable form.

    Jointly developed by University of York (UK), LLNL, CCFE, DCU, DTU, and other international partners.


Framework for plasma simulations

A flexible framework allows you to use one of several existing widely tested physics models, or write your own.


Modular features

A wide variety of numerical methods and time-integration solvers that can be swapped at runtime


Open source development

Freely available and licensed under LGPL, with contributors from around the world.

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