The BOUT++ Project is participating in the Google Summer of Code (GSoC) 2019. GSoC is open to University students aged 18 or over.

If you are interested, see for more information.

Ideas for Projects with BOUT++

Here is a non-exhaustive list for suggested projects. We are of course open to ideas for projects not on this list!

  1. Make xarray work with BOUT++. A proof-of-concept exists, but the majority of the BOUT++ post-processing library needs porting over.
  2. Improving the Python wrapper to the C++ API by using e.g. pybind11 or similar.
  3. Calling Python from BOUT++. This could use much of the same code (bindings, type conversion) as calling BOUT++ from Python. It would allow input files or physics models to use python expressions to extend the code.
  4. Improve user extensibility of the library, by making all factories use the generic factory class. This would allow users to easily add things like solvers and boundary conditions in their physics models, without needing to modify the core library.
  5. Self-describing data output format. Make the output data files easier to interpret for generic tools, by including more metadata in a standardised way. This would make the data easier to manipulate and work with. This complements, maybe is part of, the work on xarray.