I’m happy to announce a new release of BOUT++: v4.2.1. This is a bugfix release, fixing a small number of issues:

  • Try to provide some thread safety to msg_stack
  • Fix listing available derivative methods
  • Initialize Coordinates objects in BoutMesh::load()
  • Use localmesh for d2x and d2y, and interpolate them to location
  • Several Hypnotoad fixes
  • Silence remaining warnings on master
  • Fix bugs in boututils.calculus.deriv2D
  • Fix failure of collect() with integer slice argument
  • Fix setCoefs in InvertPar
  • Support BoutOutputs caching option in boutcore fromBoutOutputs
  • Check for nullptr in NcFormat::get/setAttribute
  • Set location in LaplaceCyclic::solve() and DC()

See CHANGELOG.md for more details. You can download the source tarball from https://github.com/boutproject/BOUT-dev/releases/tag/v4.2.1

Note: if you download the source code tarball from GitHub, please download the file BOUT++-v4.2.1.tar.gz rather than the GitHub generated tarballs. This is because the GitHub tarball does not include the submodules.