I’m happy to announce the release of a new version of BOUT++. This a bug-fix release that fixes the following:

  • Automatically checkout GoogleTest submodule if necessary
  • Fix memory leak in multigrid solver
  • Don’t pause on showing plot for FCI test by default
  • Fix broken integrated tests that aren’t run in the test suite
  • Initialise some uninitialised variables
  • Cleanup all Array instances at end of simulation
  • Set boundaries correctly in Delp2
  • Set PYTHONPATH when running tests
  • Fix some segfaults caused by Field3D move constructors
  • Fix some errant newlines when specifying -q on the command line
  • Fix some segfaults in ConditionalOutput
  • Fix broken links and code blocks in the documentation

You can download this version from: https://github.com/boutproject/BOUT-dev/releases/latest