Getting Help


The user manual describes how to get started with BOUT++, and how the code works from the point of view of someone who hasn’t used BOUT++ before. There are separate developer and coordinate system manuals which are useful when you need to dig further into how the code works.

BOUT++ User Group Mailing list

Major announcements are made through the Google Groups forum. You can sign up to the mailing list by clicking the “Join group to post” button. We have monthly BOUT++ User Group (BUG) video conferences that are also announced through the mailing list. The BUG meetings are a good place to discuss anything related to the development and use of BOUT++.

You can ask for help installing or running BOUT++ through the BUG mailing list. Alternatively, you can open an issue on the GitHub page.

Slack Channel

We have a Slack channel for developers, where we discuss general BOUT++ development. If you would like access, please make an issue on GitHub.


BOUT++ workshops have been a mixture of hands-on training sessions, and discussion of current issues and research topics. The mission of the workshops are (1) to prepare researchers to use and further develop the BOUT++ code for edge turbulence, transport, and ELM simulations of magnetic fusion devices; and (2) to promote effective collaboration within the BOUT community and beyond.

The slides for (almost) all presentations are available on the workshop websites:

This website

The source for this website is located on github here. Pull requests are more than welcome, if you’d like to contribute! The website is built using Jekyll and hosted on GitHub Pages. Most of the pages are written using Markdown.